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God is at work in some amazing ways--creative, surprising ways--around the world.

Posted by Don Sappington , 10 May 2013 · 961 views

The more I hang out with our international workers (IWs) around the globe the more impressed I am. God is at work in some amazing ways--creative, surprising, ways--around the world.

In the last ninety days I have connected with twenty-four of our international workers on-site in their six unique ministry settings. We have some great workers out there - some godly, passionate, dedicated IWs pouring it out for Jesus and the people He has given them to reach. In each setting God has directed a unique approach.
  • Training future pastors in a newly formed Bible School
  • English camps and classes (in the community and corporate setting) opening conversations for relationships and spiritual conversations
  • Peacemaker training apapted for church leaders in their cultural context
  • Church planting and the coaching of national church leaders
  • Outreach to immigrants and those in transition
  • Care for children and families through orphanages and rehabilitation ministry for disabled children
  • Ministry to those escaping from sexual abuse and sex trafficking situations
  • Emergency medical assistance and care
  • Business as mission ventures and micro-enterprise endeavors assisting the poor and bridging conversations to spiritual matters
  • Ministry to individuals open to exploring beyond the dominate religious upbringing of their ethnic background or region of the world
  • ... and the list could go on.
God is at work drawing individuals to Himself as faithful individuals share the Good News in contexual sentivie ways.

Are we as creative, as contextually sensitve, as responsive to the needs of others around us in our North American context? I have seen and experienced some settings where that is in fact the case - and I celebrate that on every occasion. May God breathe fresh compassion and creativity on those of us in North America even as we wholeheartedly support our Alliance work around the globe.

If you would like to learn more about these six places where I visited or the ministries I was privileged to visit, send me an e-mail. I'd be happy to tell you more - sappingtond@cmalliance.org

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