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God Room

Posted by Rachel Baker , 28 January 2013 · 1556 views

Written by Ralph Trainer

The Lord recently reminded me of the, "God Room" principle I had come across a number of years ago in reading, "Rebel with a Cause" by Franklin Graham.

I am convinced that when God gives vision for something, He provides fully!

Here's the God Room Principle: God Room is when you see a need and it's bigger than your human abilities to meet it. But you accept the challenge. You trust God to bring in the finances and materials to meet that need.

God Room is when you have seen a need you believe God wants you to meet. You try, but you can't. After you've exhausted all your human effort, there's still a gap. No matter what you do, you just can't humanly bring it about. That's when you pray and leave room for God to work. You watch God close the gap.

You see, faith isn't required as long as you set your goal only as high as the most intelligent, most informed, and expert human efforts can reach. That's where God Room comes in. Nothing is a miracle until it reaches the area where the utmost that human effort can do still isn't enough. God has to fill that space -- that room -- between what's possible and what He wants done that's impossible.

We don't exercise faith until we have promised more than it's possible to give.

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Don Sappington
Jan 28 2013 08:45 AM
I'm up for making lot's of God room decesions and moving forward praying ... believing ... working under the empowerment of the Holy Spirit ... and watching God fill that space/that room. How about the rest of you? May God do that in each of us and corporately among us.
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