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On Mission?

Posted by Bill , 05 August 2012 · 1414 views

What does it mean to be "on mission"? Is it our effort to share who we have experienced Christ to be, or is it holding on so tight to Christ that his "mission" is accomplished without our explanation. Or is it both? This is more than a simple comparison of "our work that we wish him to bless" and "seeing where he is at work and joining him in that work". This is trying to untangle the self-motivational and understanding of God's purpose in choosing us and our unconditional acceptance of that choice.

Are we working for him or walking with him, is our life sacrifice or obedience? Do we chase metrics and plans to prove our work is good or are these used to help us understand our walk with Jesus? Os Chambers says "We have no idea what God's goal may be; as we continue, His purpose becomes even more and more vague. God's aim appears to have missed the mark, because we are too nearsighted to see the target at which He is aiming" His target is our heart relationship always moving towards total dependence on himself because our independence is bankrupt.

When we accept the gift of being chosen we become "new creations" not rewired old ones. Being "on mission" is a total putting on of the new man all the time. The effect on others by the gospel light emitted from the new man is split into salvation for those who believe and condemnation for those that don't. Our mission is not to save anyone. Our mission is to let the wild effects of our faith through the Holy Spirit start a revolution in the hell-bound and a revival in the spirit of the pilgrim.

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