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Since Converge January 2011

Posted by Kent Copley , 25 September 2011 · 1437 views

I would like to share some cool things the Lord has been doing in and around mission/ministry life at Moses Lake Alliance Church (MLAC) in Washington state. At the time of Converge January 2011 in Colorado Springs, we were praying about and developing several dimensions to our missions program. Our time at Converge greatly helped add to what we had been processing, as well as confirm where we are headed. These developments have taken a great deal of time and networking, but we are starting to see the fruit of our labor. Here are just a few:

1. We continue to place periodic emphasis to the Great Commission Fund. We highlight what the GCF is and how it works. We just keep it before the people. At MLAC giving to the GCF is an above and beyond offering. Every dollar given to that account goes directly to the GCF, with no "skimming off the top" for our missions. Once agin this year we are seeing a record amount given to the GCF. We are paced for a +12% above General Fund giving year. PTL!

2. We have other misc. missions categories such as our trips that total 9% above and beyond our general fund giving. So both the GCF and misc. missions are seeing a 20% above and beyond giving. PTL!

3. We have been exploring partnerships with our International Workers. Though we have been in contact with so many over the years, we've never had formal partnerships. We are now off and running with one being in a newly developed site. What I am looking forward to in this approach is that we can feed into them and they can feed into us. We will be praying, raising funds as needed, and as the Lord leads short-term ministry projects in their field. Partnerships raise the awareness for all.

4. Over the last couple of years we've been exploring the possibility of taking on an international worker/trainee as part of the Home Service work. We've heard from a number of international workers who've benefited from a positive partnership. Since Converge our pastoral staff, elders, board and others have really been mulling this over. I am excited to share that we have included this staff position to staff budget. We will continue to pray about the Lord's timing (hopefully this spring), but I am thrilled it's actually in our budget.

Well, these are few things that are happening in and around our church family. As I reflect on each of the items I've shared I realize all the time, energy, resources and certainly prayer that has gone into improving our missions program. This is where vision and goals are crucial to growth and expansion of mission/ministry. The pursuit of God's will takes a great deal persistence....but it's worth it. I want to encourage each of you to seek the Lord's will and with your leadership establish some goals, keep the congregants informed and journey together to see what the Lord will do.

Blessings. Kent

What an encouraging report, Kent. I was privileged to edit a story about a great group of youth from your church who went to Burkina Faso this year on short-term missions trip and had a remarkable experience.

Here's a link to the story, for those who may not have seen it online: "Bringing the Light Invites a Fight"

Blessings! Janet
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Kent Copley
Oct 06 2011 10:48 AM
Thanks for the note. Yes I/we did see and read the article. Thanks so much for being part of that. Our high school students have really immersed themselves in Burkina. They are in regular contact with the Obergs, they raise fund for projects and look forward to a short-term ministry trip to that region every three years.

In addition, and what hasn't been effectively communicated, is that our kids ministry for many years has raised money for specific projects that the Obergs have identified as part of our annual VBS. Each year the kids give between $3-7000. Many kids save money all year to give at VBS. How cool is that?

Blessings to you,
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Josh Whiteman
Oct 11 2011 02:02 PM
That is so encouraging, Kent. Moses Lake Alliance is making an incredible impact around the world. Thanks for your commitment to the ends of the earth!

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Don Sappington
Oct 31 2011 02:02 PM
Great hearing of God's blessing and the good leadership happening at Moses Lake. Lead on!! I find the more engaged a few get the more the fire spreads to others. Go deep with those partnerships and the other GREAT WAYS to engage your people personally - and keep telling the stories to inspire others.
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