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Posted by Don Sappington , 06 June 2011 · 888 views

Have you ever said, "Whoo - that was amazing! That was a God-appointment."? I have. I am thinking of a time when someone stepped into my week and spoke a word of wisdom and encouragement to me. Just the right word, at just the right moment in time! I recall times when I have been that person in the life of another; I was their "God-appointment" so-to-speak. While on earth, Jesus set up these face to face "God-appointments" as unexpected times with individuals, and they were often transformational (e.g. Zaccheus in Luke 19; the Samaritan woman in John 4; the manner in which Jesus called His disciples Matthew 4 and elsewhere; etc...). When God shows up, lives are never the same.

We often think of the work of our international workers (IW's) in other terms, preaching the good news, community development projects, leadership training, church planting efforts, troubleshooting issues with national church leaders, etc..., but really, perhaps the most significant work of our international workers (IW's) happens in "God-appointments." Perhaps their role is not so much different than is ours - just the geography! May God give our IW's scattered across the globe and each of us, significant, transformational "God-appointments" today.

"Father God, may I be in tune with you today so I do not miss the appointment you are preparing for me this day. I ask that you speak through me as clearly as if you were meeting us face-to-face today. May it be so You get the praise."

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