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Posted by RuthAnn Nicholls , 15 October 2012 · 1329 views

I’ve been working on my gameroom downstairs. Cleaning. Moving furniture. Throwing away odds and ends. Getting ready to use it as a painting studio. Mom’s old piano’s there and her old stereo. Nice looking pieces of furniture!

Yesterday my 12 year old grand daughter came for the day. She’s the baby. I wanted to show her what I’ve done and that the room is functional again so we went down stairs. She tinkered on the piano for a few minutes, sat on mom’s old sectional sofa and said, “What’s that?” She was pointing to the stereo on the far wall.

I said, “That’s Mimi’s stereo.” We went over to it and I slid the top slider door over showing her the old 8 track player. Turned it on showing her the turntable for records, the AM/FM dials, volume and how to change the speaker volumes on each side.

Suddenly she said, “Are they records?”

I said, puzzled, "yes".

She asked if she could take one out to look at it and I said, “Of course!”

She took one out and turned it over in her hands with a kind of wonderment.

Then it dawned on me.
I said, “Have you ever seen a record before?”
She said, “No.”

Talk about wonderment!
Guess if you’re my age you’ll understand. There are basics that stay the same from generation to generation. But there is much in our culture that fades away in each generation. I'm very thankful to have grandchildren who know the Lord Jesus Christ and the important basics in life even if they have missed some things I have known.


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